Ultimate Weapon - Wrath's Blades

Two shields lined with small blades, they can be activated to spin around the shield, and cut through flesh with ease.


Kite Shield +7, Studded, Ghost Touch, Returning, Nature’s Wrath*, Saw Blades* 18-20, x2

Kite Shield +7, Spiked, Brilliant Energy, Flaming Burst, Earthen Grasp*, Saw Blades* 18-20, x2

*Nature’s Wrath – Upon Critical Hit, inflict paralysis. DC: Fortitude 25
*Earthen Grasp – Upon Critical Hit, enemy is bound by stone and immobile. DC: Reflex 25
*Saw Blades – Activate once per day, the blades around the shields spin. Base damage increased from 1d4 to 1d10. Critical range increases to 17-20, x3. Gain +10 to Damage


Found in Noctoramus, they were activated with the last heart of a Red Dragon, given to him by Avignis.

Around the center of the shields, where the heart lies, is a short inscription written in Origin: “May your fury never fade, your strength never fail, and your soul never flee.”

Ultimate Weapon - Wrath's Blades

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