Treebearer Cycle

Taking place nearly 2,000 years into the past, out of this cycle came the Treebearers; Legendary beings who devised a way to free the realms from the Tree's Cycles.


Armen revealed that the sacrifice of most the Treebearers galvanized him and the remaining Treebearers into a plan to take their souls back from the World Tree. He waited at Time’s Gate for a party of The Chosen to arrive. He also told the party of Jarvis, once King of Cambria, who fell defending the old mage as he escaped to Time’s Gate.

Avignis revealed that he was once in a party of five adventurers who looked to find the World Tree, and that he fell defending his lover shortly after becoming a Treebearer. He waited nearly two thousand years within the Seal of Death to be freed by his Chosen, Arth-Mael.

Eylunae revealed she was also within the Seal of Death, fighting alongside her lover. She spoke of his death at the hands of Rein, and his how his soul was redeemed in the final battle. She was freed by her Chosen, Bast.

Treebearer Cycle

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