Ultimate Weapon - Scepter of the Damned

A three-foot long staff that leads into a two-foot long blade made of pure crystal. This weapon sings with energy.


Bladestaff +10, Brilliant Energy, Spell Storing(Any Level), Power Generation*, Fury of the Damned*, Flaming Burst. 18-20, x3

*Power Generation – Each round, recover one psionic power point to your pool.
*Fury of the Damned – Cast three spells in a row this turn, activating this is a full round action. Once per day


Given to A-Yu by the Treebearer, Kashenyl, this weapon carries the weight of countless deaths with it.

Burned into the ebony wood of the staff is several arcane symbols. Together, they form a short phrase: “Pain is eternal, everlasting.”

Ultimate Weapon - Scepter of the Damned

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