Once wielded by the Wraith Knight, Rein, this sinister blade has been reforged into Stormbringer's blade.


It’s original form was a hand and a half sword that almost burned with darkness. It’s blade was twisted and pitted, almost as if corrupted.

When it was swung through the air, it whistled with a sound akin to a desperate scream. When it struck a foe, it hungered for more. When it slaughtered a victim, it begged for mercy.

It’s personality is now suppressed within Stormbringer, the blade wielded by Bast.

The wielder of the sword can sometimes hear whispers from Ravager. They are not directed at anyone in proximity, and it does not seem as if the sword is even aware of it’s wielder.

“..Made..to defeat Death.”
“…Wielded..by the purest of..all mortals.”
“I..want only..the void…”
“My power..was..built..in sacrifice.”
“This..is my..punishment..”
“I sense..salvation can still..be earned..”


“I…was once…pure..”

The only known fact of this sword’s existence is that it was used to slaughter many of the Gladeborn Elves when their island was attacked.


The Tyrant King Zaknithra