Party Renown and Reputation

A general feel for how the world perceives the party. Their renown, be it good or not within certain places, affects the bonus on which they sell for, and the discount they buy at.


In the Fort City of Tora’Lan, the party are renowned as heroes. They are known throughout as the Champions of the South, and the ones who will finally push back the enemy. Store Bonus & Discount – +50%

In the Trade City of Cambria, the party has become well-known since their actions against Ceifeth. Despite that all agree Ceifeth was a terrible ruler, not all citizens have faith that they will be any different. Store Bonus & Discount – +25% Contracted Merchant – +50%

Though Tendrimar has been abandoned, the Catfolk think of the party as their saviors, and their merchants offer exquisite goods for reduced price. Store Discount – +30%

Within the outlying farming villages of Cambria, news of the party has become greatly exaggerated, and they have become legends. Store Bonus & Discount – +50%

To the South rests the town of Mekrinon, the place where Ceifeth’s mercenaries were drawn from. This rough-going town now hails the party has their clients.. Store Bonus and Discount – +25%

Within the Port City of Dorter, the party’s exploits as both successful brawlers and pirate hunters has given them a reputation of fear or respect, depending on your point of view. Store Bonus & Discouont – +25%


Party Renown and Reputation

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