Lord Darion Wren

A major noble within the city, Darion has thrown his full support behind the party's new policy. He manages the Knight's District, and monitors the nobles in the party's absence.


Barely topping six feet and dressed in mail armor, this man’s blue eyes constantly study those he sees. With a straight posture and a careful gaze, his body language says one thing: Nobility.

He believes fiercely in Cambria’s glory, and has proven several times that he is willing to die for his people.


“Our city will be the jewel of the South once again, you have my word!”

Born a minor noble in Cambria thirty-two years ago, he led the Wren family from a young age into becoming a major power by gaining the love and loyalty of his subjects. He was a teenager when bandits began a campaign to invade and take over his city.

It was not the city guard, nor the Knight’s Guild that drove the bandits out of the forests: It was Darion Wren at the head of nearly two hundred young men and women, both nobles and commoners. He funded their weapons and armor with his own coffers, and led them to victory.

To this day, that ragtag band of young heroes remains together, as Darion’s Vanguard. He has been recruiting more into this small army to send North with Valsir on the next convoy.

He now leads the effort of the party in Cambria, placing his utter trust and loyalty in them to lead his city back to it’s golden age.

Lord Darion Wren

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