Knight-Commander Tavrel Valsir

Once a paladin, he has found power within himself, and wields it to protect others. He lead the defense of Tora'Lan, and died during the retaking of Noctoramus.


With long white hair and a grizzled beard that resembles snow, Valsir is a man of honor, duty, and faith. Faith not in Gods or Mystical Energies, but in the races that fight by his side. Allies surrounding this man are spurred to new heights of courage. He has demonstrated that he would willingly stand alone against an army to buy his men time, if only a few seconds.


“I found power within myself, and I do not need to know more than the fact I can use this power to protect others.”

Born in a small farming village called Shimmer Vale, Valsir came to Cambria at a young age. Joining the Knight’s Guild, he rose it’s ranks quickly. Soon, he was a Knight-Captain, and married. His two sons would also go on to become high ranking members of the Guild while he himself was named Knight-Commander. His wife died giving birth to his second son, and while he mourned, Valsir drew strength from this.

His oldest son was killed when the fighting reached the second Northern City, while the other son went missing during the attack on Noctoramus. Angered at his god, he renounced his faith, and found a new power.

“We will take the Northlands back, and end this war. Even if I do not live to see it, I know that this world will be free. I can see it in the men’s faces, I can feel it in the wind. The heroes that have joined us have turned the tide of this war, and I will do what I can to aid them, and I ask you to trust them, even with your very life. Whatever power I wield now, they wield one much rarer and so much more powerful: Hope.” – Valsir, in a letter to Darion

He was killed while defending Tora’Lan before the party reversed time and saved the city, leading it’s army in several successful campaigns. He put great faith in the party, and as such sacrificed himself to save them yet again. Though his death has hindered morale, the army rallies around a banner with his personal crest placed on it, vowing that his life will be celebrated, and his death, avenged.

He appeared for a few moments to fight alongside Bast when the catfolk was trapped within the sentient sword’s minds. He gave but a slight nod and a smile before fading away. His body now resides in Time’s Gate, and his sword remains separate from Stormbringer, in Bast’s hands.

Knight-Commander Tavrel Valsir

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