Hall of Heroes

The Hall holding the statues of all those who have giving their eternal life to seal the Son of Death away from the world.


Holding a multitude of statues, they are all marked with names you feel should mean something, or even everything to, and yet you cannot place them. Once seated near the World Tree, a portal to it has appeared in Time’s Gate. This was Armen’s last gift to those who faded away to save his world.

With the existence of Drake and Kashenyl’s statues, it has become clear this is not the Tree’s creation. In one journal, Armen remarked on a theory of his: That the souls of all mortals create the statue by the sheer power of their gratitude.

Here, there are two statues still missing, and the statues of Avignis and Eylunae stand side by side, grasping hands in a symbol of their undying love. Beside them lie the statues of Bowin and Lysisius, both with weapons raised, ever vigilant against the enemies of the world they died to save.


The plaques beneath each of the Treebearer’s statues are written in a language you have never seen before, but you instinctively can read the markings left there by someone thousands of years ago…

Avignis, Archangel of Fire:
“A soul conflicted, he desired nothing but peace, but found it only in the heat of battle. May he find the rest he has searched for so long. May his love for her burn eternal.”

Eylunae, The Last Guardian:
“The beauty of the sea matched against it’s volatile nature, she was born to fight for those less fortunate. May her soul be free, and find comfort in the knowledge she has at last succeeded. May her love for him soar for all time.”

Bowin, Nature’s Defender:
“Though the Wilds never stopped calling for him, he never did return home. He gave everything he could to save the world he had become the protector of. May his soul run free with the wolves of his homeland. May he always watch over us.”

Lysisius, Keeper of Memories:
“When he forged the Music Box, he did not know what victories it would bring, what defeats, nor what harsh truths. He was the winds upon the mountains, he was the sound of thunder on the horizon. May he forever hold our memories, so that we will not suffer from them.”

Drake, Protector of Life:
“As a boy, he learned of courage. As a man, he fought for freedom. He was the innocence within all of us, he was the very essence of our souls. May he forever ride on the winds. May the dragons always honor his bond.”

Hall of Heroes

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