Captain Rrenik

Captain of the Last Thunder, this Catfolk is one of the strangest of an already strange race.


A catfolk with striped black and white fur, he stands just over Bast’s height. He is dressed in a loose sailor’s garb, with an enormous two-handed sword belted to his back. Built like a pit fighter, he looks as if he could give even Arth-Mael quite a run in a challenge of strength.

He is intelligent and innovative, mastering the way of the sea and crafting a score of cannons for his ship.


“Come now, it’s only a cannon.”

His arrival to the lawless coast was announced by cannon fire nearly ten years ago, commanding a ship larger and sturdier than any that had previously existed. A pirate-hunter down to his very bones, this catfolk has grown from a street rat of Dorter to the most feared Captain of the coasts.

It is rumored that he began construction on his ship while living in the sewers of Dorter.

Captain Rrenik

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