Ultimate Weapon - Bow of the Sanctum's Chosen

Made from a wood as white as snow, this bow is the standard of what beauty should be. Along the curve is carved 'Arcus Sanctus'.


Longbow +10 – Holy, Flaming, Wrath of the Sanctum*, Multi-Shot*, 18-20, x4

*Wrath of the Sanctum – Let loose a cry of fury, gaining +20 to your next attack and dealing double damage. Once per day, free action
*Multi-Shot – Once per day, as a free action, you may target all your attacks to hit three enemies simultaneously in front of you.


Given to Wolf by the Treebearer, Drake, it is likely that he has wielded this weapon over countless centuries, as it bears his true name, carved into the beautiful wood.

On the other side, carved into the wood time and time again, is a worn inscription: “The sun grant me respite.”

Ultimate Weapon - Bow of the Sanctum's Chosen

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