Archmage Mafeyrius

A mage of few talents, he is quick to scare, but always willing to dig through the library.


Standing just under six feet tall, this human has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. He is dressed in a robe made of the finest Cambrian silk, it is very clear that he is not one to charge headlong into a fight.


“I.. think I can do this..”

Born nearly twenty years ago within Cambria, Mafeyrius was the most bumbling, most idiotic practitioner of magic. It stunned the entire Magi Guild when he was chosen as Grand Magus Orinos’ apprentice, even Mafeyrius himself was stumped as to why he was chosen.

Spending his time buried with tomes, Orinos had him study ancient translations and Armen’s Journals specifically, opening the young mage’s mind to a whole new talent of his: Decryption. He is a master of cracking any code, translating any language, and reading any magical symbols, though his spells dealing in the art of war are among the worst ever cast.

After the party’s journey to Time’s Gate, it is Mafeyrius’ fate that he shall never know the critical part he played in saving this world from the very brink of destruction.

Archmage Mafeyrius

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