• Ankorbar Dam

    Ankorbar Dam

    Built by the ancient Dwarves who settled Tora'Lan, this dam has held back the Aurealinar River for centuries. It's defenses and location have been the defender's greatest asset.
  • Anzan Valsir, The Tyrant King

    Anzan Valsir, The Tyrant King

    The same height as his father, Anzan's black hair sets him apart from the rest of his family.
  • Archmage Mafeyrius

    Archmage Mafeyrius

    A mage of few talents, he is quick to scare, but always willing to dig through the library.
  • Armen, Watcher of All Time

    Armen, Watcher of All Time

    Armen led the last two Treebearers into the Seal of Death to join their companions, and took his place in Time's Gate centuries ago, forsaking a long life in the hopes of preserving freedom.
  • Auchelon


    A city that lies across a large channel of water from Cambria, Auchelon has seemingly declared war on the Coalition.
  • Avaric


    A beautiful, fiery, and violent elf. Her ability to kill is matched only by her bond to nature.
  • Avignis, Archangel of Fire

    Avignis, Archangel of Fire

    The primal embodiment of vengeance, anger, and honor, Avignis is a being beyond the mortal realms.
  • Bianth Kinless

    Bianth Kinless

    Young Catfolk from Tendrimar, he is a powerful Magus that has an intense hatred of Bast.
  • Bowin, Nature's Defender

    Bowin, Nature's Defender

    The very earth is his weapon, and he controls the flow of nature, and seeks to preserve the balance of life and death.
  • Braxas, Black Knight

    Braxas, Black Knight

    One of the enemy commanders, he has attacked the party on several occasions and has a special interest in Mira.
  • Cambria


    Now ruled by the party, this is the major trading hub of the Southlands, it has become the provider of desperately needed goods, weapons, and soldiers for Tora'Lan.
  • Captain Leon Masonhedge

    Captain Leon Masonhedge

    A warrior from the Northern Kingdoms, Leon fights with an unrivaled skill and unquestionable courage.
  • Captain Rrenik

    Captain Rrenik

    Captain of the Last Thunder, this Catfolk is one of the strangest of an already strange race.
  • Dorter, Port City

    Dorter, Port City

    Only the strong or cunning survive in this pirate haven. The items available here are sometimes even more valuable than ones found within Cambria.
  • Drake, Protector of Life

    Drake, Protector of Life

    Champion of the Light, Protector of all Life. He is all that is good within the mortal soul.
  • Eylunae, Last Guardian

    Eylunae, Last Guardian

    The last guardian of history, time, and the balance of the seas. She is the volatile, unwavering force of the universe.
  • Fanedaire


    Ancient Drow stronghold, Fanedaire was unique in that males ruled the society.
  • Glade's Fury

    Glade's Fury

    Forged millennia ago, this blade burns brightly with the fire of a dead people's vengeance.
  • Gladeborn Isle

    Gladeborn Isle

    The home of the long dead Gladeborn Elves, they gave their lives to protect a single infant nearly 2,000 years ago, and the scars from that battle still mark this hallowed land.
  • Grand Magus Orinos

    Grand Magus Orinos

    True leader of the Magi Guild, Orinos is the sole force holding back the enemy's ability to establish portals in the Southlands.
  • Hall of Heroes

    Hall of Heroes

    The Hall holding the statues of all those who have giving their eternal life to seal the Son of Death away from the world.
  • Hindreth Ananthemar

    Hindreth Ananthemar

    Dressed in armor similar to Catfolk design and wielding twin katanas, this woman hunts Nyn endlessly.
  • Knight-Commander Tavrel Valsir

    Knight-Commander Tavrel Valsir

    Once a paladin, he has found power within himself, and wields it to protect others. He lead the defense of Tora'Lan, and died during the retaking of Noctoramus.
  • Lord Ceifeth Noerin

    Lord Ceifeth Noerin

    Noble of Cambria, member of the Knight's Guild. He attempts to kill the party on several occasions, and it was revealed that he was working with the enemy.
  • Lord Darion Wren

    Lord Darion Wren

    A major noble within the city, Darion has thrown his full support behind the party's new policy. He manages the Knight's District, and monitors the nobles in the party's absence.
  • Lysisius, The Keeper of Memories

    Lysisius, The Keeper of Memories

    He is the storm that rages upon the world, the inventor of the music box, which holds all memories.
  • Mekrinon


    The town known for one thing: Mercenaries who are willing to do anything and everything violent for coin.
  • Nature's Call

    Nature's Call

    Said to be ripped from the bark of the World Tree itself, this weapon became a symbol of all those who champion the balance of life.
  • Nrranine


    This young Catfolk is eager to learn anything and everything she can about the world, she is one the last survivors of Tendrimar
  • Nyn Auvryarn

    Nyn Auvryarn

    The last Gladeborn Elf, she bears the weight of all her ancient bloodlines. A skillful mage and warrior, this beautiful elf exemplifies the best traits of both her parents.
  • Party Renown and Reputation

    Party Renown and Reputation

    A general feel for how the world perceives the party. Their renown, be it good or not within certain places, affects the bonus on which they sell for, and the discount they buy at.
  • Port City of Dorter

    Port City of Dorter

    Renowned for pirates and pirate-hunters alike, this city is almost always in a state of civil war. Finding a Captain is easy, finding one who won't leave you on some island is the hard part.
  • Ravager


    Once wielded by the Wraith Knight, Rein, this sinister blade has been reforged into Stormbringer's blade.
  • Rein, Wraith Knight

    Rein, Wraith Knight

    A mystery, he wields powers similar to Braxas. He attempted to stop the party from breaking Avignis' seal.
  • Ripper


    The sword Bianth Kinless used to slaughter most the inhabitants of Tendrimar, it is a wicked, evil blade. Like Ravager, it seems to be corrupted.
  • Ruins of Rekton

    Ruins of Rekton

    The bastion of mortals in a previous cycle, this place was once marked as a site of hope, freedom, and the ability to persevere. All that is left in this cavern is ruin.
  • Sir Bayon de Garlois

    Sir Bayon de Garlois

    Just a lower echelon of the Knight's Guild before Ceifeith's death, Bayon has risen to the challenge as a temporary leader of the Knight's Guild.
  • Soul Fang

    Soul Fang

    Wielded by Avaric, there is an aura around this blade of malice.
  • The Emissary

    The Emissary

    He called himself an Emissary of the Dark One, though the rest of his purpose is unknown.
  • The Northern War

    The Northern War

    A year ago, an army was raised under the banner of an old, forgotten god. Employing powerful new forms of magic, the Tyrant King led this marauding band through the Northern Kingdoms, conquering every last settlement and leaving no survivors.
  • The Sword of the Vault

    The Sword of the Vault

    Locked away in the Magi Vault, the only one to have ever held the sword and lived is Bast. It sought to drain his very soul, as if to fuel itself.
  • Time's Gate

    Time's Gate

    A mysterious world existing beyond all the realms and even outside the influence of the World Tree, Time's Gate is a sanctuary for the party, and has been Armen's home for thousands of years.
  • Tora'Lan


    Ancestral home of both Dwarves and Elves, it has become the last beacon of hope for the Southlands.
  • Tora'Lan Army

    Tora'Lan Army

    The Southland's best fighters, medics, mages and engineers are assembling under the command of several renowned heroes. Though a small band now, it has the potential to grow considerably with the right leadership.
  • Treebearer Cycle

    Treebearer Cycle

    Taking place nearly 2,000 years into the past, out of this cycle came the Treebearers; Legendary beings who devised a way to free the realms from the Tree's Cycles.
  • Valeri Darkbane

    Valeri Darkbane

    Holy warrior of the Dragon's Keep, this woman holds a strength within her that rivals her beauty.
  • Void's Tear

    Void's Tear

    Braxas' enormous great sword, it appears he has only recently come into possession of it. Being in it's very presence causes one to despair and lose all hope.
  • Western Wastelands

    Western Wastelands

    Home of long dead ruins of past civilizations and the dreaded Wingless Dragons, the Wastelands are harsh and unforgiving, only the ingenious and ever-curious Catfolk have mastered this treacherous land.
  • Wolf's Cycle

    Wolf's Cycle

    Taking place almost 500 years ago, not much is know about this cycle other than the loss was devastating, and Wolf was the only survivor.