The Tyrant King

The Fall of Tora'Lan

Upon arrival to the ruined city, the party meets with the Archmage Orinos and the other leaders of the army. It is revealed that no one has crossed the bridge of the dam in several months, to do so usually ended only in death for that person. The enemy’s encampment sat across the dam, and the party needed time to look for further clues to their dreams.

With this goal in mind, the party is persuaded to join the cause and fight on the dam alongside the soldiers.

[Battle Music: “Battle on the Bridge – Final Fantasy Tactics” Link: ]

The dam is overrun by the enemy, led by a Black Knight. As the retreat is sounded, Valsir and his soldiers charge the bridge, holding the enemy back for a precious few seconds before being killed. The party takes up a new defense position inside the city gate courtyard.

[Battle Music: “Antipyretic – Final Fantasy Tactics” Link: ]

The courtyard, like the dam, becomes overrun. The Black Knight knocks Mira unconscious and she vanishes as he chases the party. Orinos opens a portal and gives them a book, telling them to find Mafeyrius, as he would know what to do.

As they journeyed through the portal, the Black Knight, identifying himself as Braxas, killed Orinos.



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