Nyn Auvryarn

The last Gladeborn Elf, she bears the weight of all her ancient bloodlines. A skillful mage and warrior, this beautiful elf exemplifies the best traits of both her parents.


Standing just shy of Avaric’s height, this elf bears tattoos of strange design upon her face. With shoulder-length blond hair, her eyes are the same brilliant green as Avaric’s. Her features are notably a mix of Drow and Gladeborn, and the resemblance to both Avignis and Eylunae is uncanny. She is dressed in a torn and very worn robe that falls around her form, secured in place by light chain mail.

She wields a magic similar to Soulbound abilities, yet it is completely foreign to the Chosen, indicating she is something more. She also carries a sentient weapon, calling itself Glade’s Fury. Based upon the memories, it existed before being passed to her, indicating it is several thousand years old.


“Too long have I been hunted. No more!”

Born nearly two thousand years ago, it is unclear how she has lived so long. All that is known of her past is that she has been running all those years.

Nyn Auvryarn

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