Lord Ceifeth Noerin

Noble of Cambria, member of the Knight's Guild. He attempts to kill the party on several occasions, and it was revealed that he was working with the enemy.


Always fitted with a sneer, this is a man who looks down on all those around him. He is better because he was born to be greater than you.


“No! This is my city now!”

A man who has rose in rank through assassination and blackmail, Ceifeth was approached by a Black Knight early into the war, and accepted the deal offered to him: Kill the party, and all Cambria would be his.

He waited nearly half a year to fulfill his end of the bargain, and though he failed, he had placed all the pieces into position so that when Valsir led his caravan north to Tora’Lan, he would seize control of the city.

Killed by the party upon their return to Cambria, his lack of the ability to see a Cambria without him has placed the city directly into the hands of the party.

Lord Ceifeth Noerin

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