Grand Magus Orinos

True leader of the Magi Guild, Orinos is the sole force holding back the enemy's ability to establish portals in the Southlands.


Though most think of Archmages as old, wrinkled men bent over spellbooks, Orinos looks surprisingly young, one would estimate his age to be in the mid-thirties. His brown eyes seem only to convey that he knows more than you do at all times.


“This is Armen’s Last Journal. Take it, Mafeyrius will know what to do…Go!”

Born in Cambria, Orinos ascended the ranks of the Magi Guild quickly, establishing himself as the most powerful Mage within in Cambria, and some say, within the world. He devoted himself to protecting Tora’Lan after Knight-Commander Valsir’s counsel meeting, and his powerful ability to wield magic protects the Southern Kingdoms to this day.

Grand Magus Orinos

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