Captain Leon Masonhedge

A warrior from the Northern Kingdoms, Leon fights with an unrivaled skill and unquestionable courage.


Rivaling Arth-Mael in height, this northern soldier has short, wild brown hair with several gray areas showing through. Scarred and grizzled, the man has an aura around him that commands respect and demands bravery from those he commands.


“We cannot retreat men, not with the lives of thousands depending on us holding this line.”

Born in the Northern Kingdoms, it is rumored he was once King of Noctoramus, one of the last kingdoms to fall to the Tyrant’s Army. His intimate knowledge of the the enemy and ability to strike down foes all around him lends credence to this theory.

The party found evidence that he was indeed the King of Noctoramus, and he has taken command of the Coalition Army in the aftermath of Valsir’s death.

Captain Leon Masonhedge

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