Now ruled by the party, this is the major trading hub of the Southlands, it has become the provider of desperately needed goods, weapons, and soldiers for Tora'Lan.


The party’s investment into the city has made all the difference. The city has really began to shine, and enters a golden age despite the war. The people are a united kingdom for the first time in centuries.

In people’s eyes, something new, emboldening, and welcome can be seen: The people have hope.

Population(Pre-War): ~250,000
Population(War Estimate): ~1,000,000

History Vault: 500,000
Pending Investment: 0
Money invested; Total: 1,985,000
Arena – 25,000
Propaganda – 5,000
Housing – 10,000
Gun Research and Development – 270,000
Industrial Advancement – 250,000
Soldier Recruitment – 50,000
Rrenik’s Cannon Manufacturing – 150,000
Farming Outposts – 88,000
Bandit Recruitment – 15,000
Infrastructure – 170,000
Brothels – 50,000
Banking – 150,000
Dorter – 250,000
Special Forces Sniper Bow Unit – 150,000
Archealogists – 5,000

Council’s Rings: Mind-Shielding and Sustenance.


Cambria, along with Rekton, is the oldest city in known existence. It is home to the Magi, Knight, and Thieves Guild of the South. One of the major suppliers for the war, the dismal situation from the city has forced the nobles to separate the city into nine districts:

Three Refugee Districts – Broken down buildings and streets littered with bodies, Guards opt not to patrol these districts heavily.
Knight’s District – Home to the Throne and most of the nobles, this is the place of power within Cambria
Temple District – Here sits all the monuments to all the gods, it has recently become a state of fierce controversy as clerical powers begin to fail.
Guard District – The central barracks for the Town Guards, this small district is home to several training yards, where the Cambrian Guard keep their skills sharp.
Healing District – Home to medicine study, the medics here can heal any ailment short of magical curses.
Shade’s Way – The Thieves Guild nests here, and despite the torn down facade of the buildings, the natural glade within is one of the most comforting areas within the city.
Merchant District – As the hub of all commerce in the South, one can purchase any item they desire here, so long as they have the coin.
Magi District – The Magi Guild is based here, running their libraries and practicing magic behind their barred doors. Getting into this district requires the most pull in the city.

The Districts have been abolished, and the only gate to remain closed is to the Temple District. The party’s efforts in Cambria have brought the city around. While it has regained it’s feet and has shown itself to be capable of becoming what it once was, there is still much to be done.

The people of Cambria regard the party as heroes, and some even express a wish to have them crowned. Though the Council and the party have determined that it is better how it is, they still call for the throne to be filled, though the issue will not be taken seriously until the city has restored it’s glory.

With Theron’s vicious attack on Cambria, nearly 10,000 of it’s citizen are buried. This struck a serious blow to morale, and yet also united the city.

The call for war on Auchelon was echoed throughout the Coalition, and the people have entrusted one duty to the party: Give the dead justice.


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