Braxas, Black Knight

One of the enemy commanders, he has attacked the party on several occasions and has a special interest in Mira.


Standing past seven feet tall and wielding a sword that seems to always drip with blood, Braxas is clad is black, spiked armor, hiding his form behind it.


“Come then, pathetic wretches. Let me show you the power of Hell.”

Braxas’ past is a mystery to the party, all that is known is that he is interested in Mira, and has captured her.

Mira was recovered from Braxas’ hold when the party led the campaign to take back Noctoramus. After retreating to a grim reflection of Time’s Gate, he took the form of a demon, but was killed by the party. Upon returning to the ruined throne room, his body was taken by a giant hand through a portal through the floor.

While he was most certainly killed, what is left of his soul, and the souls of those the party saw, remains a mystery.

Braxas, Black Knight

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