Avignis, Archangel of Fire

The primal embodiment of vengeance, anger, and honor, Avignis is a being beyond the mortal realms.


Taking the form of a Dark Elf, Avignis’ eyes are pits of fire, illuminating his face within the hooded cloak he wears. His black wings stretch out in a sizable wingspan, and though he seems to bear considerable mystical powers, he favors using his fists to attack foes.

Allies around this powerful being feel inspired to fight on past even the brink of death, as their wounds close in the warmth of his presence.


“My fire is fueled only by the desire to see her free from this torture.”

Avignis is the embodiment of Fire, one of the six Elements. He has fought for the last two thousand years within the Seal of Death, and nothing else is known of him except that he chose Arth-Mael to be his vessel in this war.

One of the six Treebearers, he could be asked to explain who he was before, but only in Time’s Gate, outside the Tree’s Influence.

Avignis, Archangel of Fire

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