A beautiful, fiery, and violent elf. Her ability to kill is matched only by her bond to nature.


Five and a half feet tall with fairly tan skin, the thing one’s eyes are drawn to first are her brilliant green eyes, they bear an almost supernatural glow. With long dark blonde hair, she is usually seen in outfits that accentuate her figure, showing her toned muscles to all those around her.

And if her reputation is not enough, the wicked daggers at her side serve as a warning to all enemies. The dagger belted to her right is Soulfang, an insidious sentient that feeds on the souls of it’s victims, and Nature’s Call, said to be ripped from the World Tree itself.


“I’ve handled that before..”

Not much is known about Avaric, references appear dating back hundreds of years to a rogue druid she-elf that prowled the countryside, or led attacks on corrupt nobles. Her early life is her’s, and her’s alone.

What is known is that she leads the Thieves Guild, which acts unlike most of it’s kind: They use their abilities of espionage, assassination and robbery to bring down those who would profit on others suffering, or to aid in the war effort.

She now travels with the party on their fateful road, and has struck up a relationship with Arth-Mael.

The death of Valsir, her oldest friend, has affected Avaric greatly. She has withdrawn from the Guild affairs, and the war. She spends almost every possible moment she can with Arth-Mael, and many say it is the first time in centuries she’s been known to stay in one place long.


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