Armen, Watcher of All Time

Armen led the last two Treebearers into the Seal of Death to join their companions, and took his place in Time's Gate centuries ago, forsaking a long life in the hopes of preserving freedom.


This old, hunched man looks like he has lived well past his time. He continually stops in mid-sentence, as if his thoughts have slipped away.


“My time was over long ago, now it is your turn to stand vigilant, and fight for all of them.”

Once the Archmage of Cambria within the Treebearer Cycle, he fought alongside the heroes of that time, following them into victory against the Son of Death. He said goodbye to those who chose to remain in the Seal of Death, silently hoping all his well crafted plans would come to fruition.

You see, Armen was never a reckless man, he never trusted easily and never let himself be involved in something without a motive of his own. Carefully planning ahead at every juncture, he was ready to offer the heroes of the Treebearer Cycle an alternative, but time was too short.

Instead when he walked through the Hall of Heroes, he stopped and studied each statue, vowing that they, and all the other souls trapped in the Tree’s vicious cycle, would be free. And as he returned to the world, his spell was activated, and his memories came flooding back. So too, did the memories of Drake and Kashenyl, the two that had opted not to forsake this world, and to fight the Son of Death in another Cycle. Gathering within Cambria as it was being rebuilt, they were joined by King Jarvis, another whose memories had been preserved.

It was here that Armen cast the spell that sent Drake and Kashenyl into the Seal of Death to join their comrades in battle, waiting for the time that they could strike.

Armen then crafted another spell, one that would create a portal to and dimension outside the World Tree’s influence: Time’s Gate. As he cast this spell, the Tree sent warriors to stop him, and as the portal ripped open, Jarvis and his guard were slain, buying Armen the time he needed to escape.

There in Time’s Gate, he waited. Two Thousand Years past for him, watching from his vigil, waiting for the ones who would break the Cycles. Over the years, he managed only to save one from a cycle: A man named Wolf. It would be another five hundred years before the rest would arrive. When they did, Armen would pay the ultimate price to set everything right in their world: They would have one chance to save everything.

When he died, it was not painful, it was peaceful. His time had come long ago, he had this one last service to perform…

Armen, Watcher of All Time

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