The Tyrant King

Road to the War

The next day the party awoke to a near-empty tavern. The staff’s presence was minimal as they shared a quiet meal, the dreams still haunting their sleep. As sunlight began to fill the common room, they gathered what gear they had and set out into the street, the lack of any crowds within the Merchant Quarter becoming apparent quickly. Armed men stepped out to block the roads..

[Battle Music: “Decisive Battle – Final Fantasy Tactics” Link: ]

The battle progressed quickly, with the party fighting off the unknown attackers. After felling a few of them, Avaric arrived, driving her daggers through the back of one of the men. With her help, the scuffle was over in a minute, and the party moved on. Avaric explained that they were sent by Ceifeth in a second attempt to cover his tracks. She recommended that they get out of the city sooner rather than later, and led them to the plaza where the caravan was.

It was here they met a strange woman named A-Yu. Introduced by Leon, she was quick to show off her magical powers to the party. Having an almost innocent absent-mindedness about her, she readily joined the party, having had strange dreams herself.

The party was also introduced to the man responsible for the caravan’s organizing and the defense of Tora’Lan: Knight-Commander Tavrel Valsir. As leader of the Knight’s Guild, the old soldier had an air of leadership about him, but could not manage to convince the party to join the fight. They refused to join any army, putting their personal quest at a higher importance. Though Valsir was disappointed, he agreed to have them along to battle the dangers of the route.

Setting out from Cambria, the party spent almost two weeks on the road. Some bonded, while others chose to keep their distance from the others.

The caravan was ambushed by the enemy forces on the way to Tora’Lan. They wielded strange powers that were foreign to both Bast and A-yu, causing havoc to the caravan and felling many of the soldiers that had accompanied them. The party cut down these attackers, having tasted their first experience of the war.

[Battle Music: “Trisection – Final Fantasy Tactics” Link: ]

After the battle, Valsir led the party to the edge of the cliff path, overlooking a city that was burning and under siege: Tora’Lan.



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