The Tyrant King

Falling Back to Cambria

Arriving through the portal in Cambria, the party finds the city in flames, the enemy having tranported troops through the barrier that Orinos had held. From the Magi Tower, Mafeyrius scryed the situation in the city: People being killed, changed into soldiers for the enemy. The party fell back into the vault, waiting for Mafeyrius to decrypt Armen’s Last Journal, given to them by Orinos.

As he began the spell to open the portal, the enemy attacks the vault.

[Battle Music: “Battling Despair at Dawn” Link: ]

As the enemy closes in on Mafeyrius, another portal opens, with Leon arriving leading a few soldiers. It is clear that these are all that remains of the army at Tora’Lan.

When the portal opens, most of the party makes it through, though Mafeyrius cannot follow for some reason. They see him killed as the portal closes behind them.

The party is in a different realm altogether, beneath them ticks a series of infinite hands on a giant clock, in front of them stands a hooded man.



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